Dear Future Generations, learn from our mistakes. We hold vigils for victims of incomprehensible tragedies. We hold vigils for victims of racism and bigotry. We hold vigils for victims of violence, terrorism, and war. We hold vigils during our darkest times. Learn from our mistakes, work together, treat people with dignity and respect, understand how precious life and our environment really is. This photograph was taken in Orlando at the Pulse Vigil, 1 day after 49 innocent lives were lost.

The Boneyard

We drove two and a half hours through the night and hiked a trail filled with spiders with only a small flashlight to visit the epic Boneyard. The Boneyard is a secluded beach, lined with massive trees that have fallen over due to beach erosion. After the trees have fallen, they start to turn white and began to look like skeletons. The beach is only accessible during low tide but during a high tide, some of the debris gets dragged into the shallow water.

Florida Sunset

Wildlife is one of my favorite subjects to photograph along with landscapes and street photography. Each of those areas have unique aspects such as colors, movement, detail, etc. What I loved about taking this photo was that I could incorporate all of these elements into a single shot. The swan, a miniature landscape in the bird's eye, the detail of the water, and the color of the beak against the white feathers.

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